Life insurance premium financing has been a valuable financial planning tool utilized by the High Net Worth community for more than 30 years. When deployed as an advanced strategy for achieving complex wealth management goals, third-party premium financing can be astonishingly effective

* Clients who meet specific financial criteria can access a proprietary, patented funding program.

Estate Planning


Providing tax free dollars outside of the estate to fund future tax liabilities without interrupting current investment and cash flow interests. 

Buy Sell ~ Key Person


 Providing tax free dollars to fund new & existing Buy Sell & Key Person arrangements while providing minimal interruption to business cash flow. 

Charitable Giving


A powerful means to leverage and enhance assets earmarked for philanthropic interests. 

“An ingenious way to make a heroic gift” 

Estate Equalization


Particularly useful for business owners looking to achieve generational balance when passing on the family business or other non liquid assets. 

Supplement Retirement


Smart leverage to generate future tax favored supplemental retirement income. 

Wealth Transfer


Using life insurance for wealth transfer is one of the most efficient methods.  Life policies immediately create a fully valued tax-free asset upon first premium receipt. 

If you would like to take a deeper dive into the components of premium financing and premium finance case design, contact us to arrange an in depth discussion.